Creating High-Quality LED Edge Lit Acrylic Signage Using TruCUT RDWorks Software

In the world of point-of-sale signage it is the biggest impact which has the greatest success. Creating signage which draws in the customer on an emotional level and directs them to a purchasing decision is the aim, but there are many ways of achieving this.

One such way is with lit signage. In this instance, how the sign is lit, the methods used to convey the light and the accuracy of the positioning can be crucial, resulting in a sign which either works or does not. Very often the light source will be from behind or in some cases even placed on the side of the vinyl sheet to direct the light through the sheet to give a specific effect. The backlit approach results in a single, usually central, focus of light, while the side mounted lighting generally results in dissipating light strength further from the source.

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LEDs only needed on edges only as light is refracted through out etched plate

There is another method which can be used in which the strength of the light can be controlled and even directed precisely to where it is required. This is the light guide plate method where lighting, usually LED based, is directed through the acrylic based in a precisely laser engraved grid to ensure even distribution of the light.

The grid is cut using a laser engraver and despite being a grid, subtle changes are made to the shape of the grid pattern to ensure accurate distribution of the light. Along the edges of the flat acrylic surface, the structure of the elements is elliptical while the elements in the centre of the sheet are perfectly circular. This ensures accurate and even distribution of the light. This is the same effect that is achieved with a computer or laptop monitor where there is no variation in the intensity of the light regardless of the position of the light source.

Creating the desired grid pattern on a laser cutting and engraving machine can only be achieved with precise control and is not something that can be done ‘by eye’. The TruCUT RDWorks software from Advanced Machinery features the necessary control and precision to achieve the proper light guide plate result to give accurate and consistent lighting. It automatically and precisely creates the correct grid structure to channel the light evenly throughout the flat surface.

The light guide plate settings are included as standard in the TruCUT RDWorks software and the software is provided standard and free-of-charge with all TruCUT laser engravers sold by Advanced Machinery.

The combination of this software with your laser engraver will allow you to create impactful and eye-catching signage for your clients whether you are engraving, over-printing or applying self-adhesive vinyl prints over the light guide plate.

Make your clients happy and give their products pride of place to shine.


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