Sugar-Skull Coaster Laser Art Project, Learn Laser Cutting Project with Artwork Free Download

Today’s sweet artwork, is a graphic derivative of a treat called a sugar-skull. It is a popular variation of Calaveras, a symbolic use of the human skull to mark our mortality, human potential and remembrance of those who have passed before us.

Traditionally sugar-skulls are baked or candied skulls made by families those who have passed.
Smaller versions for children, commemorating the light that they left behind and larger ones for adults in celebration of their lives and people they touched.

Although it is not 1st or 2nd of November today, the Ambitious Machinery team would like to take a moment and commemorate those who came before us, that has made these technologies available to us through their efforts. 

Please download and enjoy our artwork! We are excited to see how you use it in your own creations.


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