Star Wars Memorabilia Wooden Coaster Laser Art Project, How to Handle Complex Design in Laser

Star Wars Memorabilia

Riley Ashford has been a Star Wars fan his entire life, with an impressive collection of Star Wars memorabilia’s.
Watch Riley take his skills as a designer combined with his in-depth knowledge on operating advance laser machines, to create a Star Wars master piece.

Not only will this design try take his skills to the limits when it comes to fine details within a design, we will also see what the AM’s TruCUT is made of and if it’s the man for the job.

AM.CO.ZA Warehouse

At AM.CO.ZA we ensure that we keep the latest and newest stock, but also make a point of keeping older stock so that you are able to design and produce, without being forced to upgrade to the latest and greatest.

When it comes to our latest, the AM TruCUT Lite 400x300mm Desktop 40w CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine is ideal for hobbies and small businesses at a very affordable price.

The AM TruCUT Lite is perfect for cutting and engraving on Perspex, Wood, Rubber, Leather and just about anything else. But not only that, a very cool feature of the machine is its Rotary system, which enables you to engrave on spherical shapes as well.
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Wooden Coaster

In this video we will also have a look at Riley making a beautiful Wooden Coaster, using the AM TruCUT Lite 400x300mm Desktop 40w CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine, and as you will see, the AM TruCUT Lite Desktop handles the design with ease.


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