Rose Gold Plaque Laser Art Project Vector Files Download for Rowmark Engraving Laminates ABS Plate Engrave & Cut

Rowmark Engraving Laminates are basically a dark coloured ABS substrate sheet that has either a shiny or brushed metallic looking top layer. By engraving through the top layer the dark layer underneath is exposed leaving a crisp professional look, perfect for interior signage, desk identification, ID tags, trophies, awards, plaques and more.

Today we are creating an rose gold plasque insert for a prayer bead box, but the technique can be applied in creating any short of plaque. As mentioned in the video, take care to dial down the power of your laser as the Rowmark substrate could easily melt leaving undesirable edges in the engraving.

Please download and enjoy our artwork! We are excited to see how you use it in your own creations.

The AM.CO.ZA line of CNC laser cutters are are ideal for engraving and cutting Rowmark sheets, engraving on Perspex, Wood, Rubber, Leather and just about anything else. Added to this is the its Rotary system, which enables you to engrave on spherical shapes as well.

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