Guest Book Laser Art Project File Download, Engrave and Cut Laminated MDF with Ribbon Binding

Guest Book Laser Art Project, Engrave and Cut Laminated MDF with Ribbon Binding for Great Finish

This edition of Laser-art demonstrates a minimal design for a Guest book or Message Book.

It shows solid techniques that can, in future,  yield multiple product ideas, ranging from restaurant menu covers, portfolio or diary book covers,  document holders, binder folders or similar. Anything that protects softer sheets actually. 

Added to the above, working with a Laminated MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) might be cheaper than working with hardwood sheets and in some cases even produce a lighter and more even engraved surface.

Be sure to try various ribbon, rope or string types that can complement the laminate wood colour and surface.

Please download and enjoy our artwork! We are excited to see how you use it in your own creations.


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