Aztec Coaster Laser Art Project, Free Artwork Download to Learn How Laser Cutting Machine Works

Our artwork-download in this post, is a riff on the “Aztec calendar stone” or “Sun Stone“, a large stone artefact found in Mexico during 1790. It features Aztec historical symbols, and archaeologists suspect, depicts a calendar of some sorts. The current understanding is that Aztec society’s social and religious lives were tightly controlled by time and dates.  

Much like us here at Ambitious Machinery, arts and craftsmanship or “toltecayotl” was held in high regard by the Aztec people. They excelled not only in performative arts like singing and dancing but in writing, drawing and painting compared to groups of their time. 

Please download and enjoy our artwork! We are excited to see how you use it in your own creations.


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